Discovery Kids - DOKI ID. 
Director's cut.

Our main character Doki from Discovery Kids is in the look for a treasure, so we created a fun & pop geometric world where a wish ball runs from one scene to the next and things come together and assemble like a 3D puzzle. Patterns, fresh colors and flat sharp shadows are used to give life and fun to the sets.

The animation is a continuous flow and mix of techniques, including frame by frame 2d and 3d. 


Directed by: NotReal & Bandido Guapo
Creative & Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro
Animation Direction: Ruben Stremiz, Milton Gonzalez
Executive Producer: Eugenia Garcia Montaldo

Design: Valeria Moreiro
3D Development & Animation: Ruben Stremiz
2D Animation: Milton Gonzalez, Belo Qu
2D Character layout: Luján Borzi
Compositing: Milton Gonzalez

Client: Discovery Kids
Creative Director: Sergio Laguzzi
Senior MG Designer: Diego Troiano
Oap Writer: Celeste Ansón

Year: 2017

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