Lucciano´s Ice Cream Tonio / Bandidoguapo´s cut
The important thing is to be tasty and fabulous at the same time.

Lucciano's is a brand of ice cream from Argentina and they wanted to present their main character "Tonio" with an animated short film.

We produce a lot of material for the character's design and its appeal, and finally here's Tonio!
Enjoy it!
Making Off
Poduction: Stremiz Ruben F

Direction: Stremiz Ruben F.

Creative Director: Maximiliano Aduki

Design: Stremiz Ruben f. / Fifi Lachimia / Maximiliano Aduki

Model/ Shaders / Lighting: Sremiz Ruben F.

Rigg / Animation: Stremiz Ruben F

Edition / Postproduction: Stremiz Ruben F 

Client: Lucciano´s

Year 2018

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